The mechanical behavior of modern and future power semiconductor devices is increasingly determining functionality and reliability. read more

Power device & system reliability is a key research topic at KAI. Together with our partners we develop advanced methods and equipment for power semiconductor stress testing under application                 conditions. read more

Due to the high reliability demands in power semiconductor industry, statistical analysis as well as modeling and predicting the device lifetime are crucial issues. read more

Finite Element Method (FEM) is widely used in several engineering disciplines because of the tremendous increase in computer power and commercially available FEM tools. read more

Analysis and understanding of device degradation enables us to continuously improve the robustness of semiconductor power devices. read more

Junction temperatures of power MOS-FETs can easily reach more than 300 °C. Under these conditions, the breakage of atomic bonds may become the primary cause for a macroscopic device malfunction. read more

New innovative circuit techniques, circuit concepts and verification methods allow us to continuously improve integrated circuits regarding accuracy and robustness. read more

What is KAI?

KAI Kompetenzzentrum Automobil- und Industrieelektronik GmbH was founded in 2006 as industrial competence center within the Austrian competence center scheme K-ind, funded jointly by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG and the Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund KWF.


Your career at KAI

We are constantly looking for talented people in the areas of semiconductor technology, component and system reliability.

Therefore, we would be pleased to receive your application.

Master/PhD Thesis: currently no topics available


News of our team

EFC Poster Prize 2016


At EUROCORR the Young Author's EFC Poster Prize was presented to Ms. Elke Ludwig.

10 years anniversary


On 4 th October we celebrated our 10 years anniversary with 90 guests from the worlds of finance and politics as well as employees, Infineon...

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