Welcome to KAI

Kompetenzzentrum Automobil- und Industrieelektronik GmbH

KAI is a legally independent subsidiary, 100% owned by Infineon Technologies Austria AG. It is a well-established industrial research centre with a broad national and international network of industrial and academic partners.

Additional to core competences in the area of power electronics reliability test concept development, advanced semiconductor materials research, statistical lifetime modeling and multi-physics FEM simulation, KAI maintains a well-equipped electronics laboratory as well as state of the art simulation computing resources and proven experience in the coordination of interdisciplinary research projects.

Current research projects focus on:


  • Physical understanding of micro-structural defects and their role in power semiconductor device stability, reliability and process influences
  • Stress-optimized brittle/ductile multi layers and extraction and prediction of temperature dependent mechanical properties of metals and interfaces
  • Ensuring and predicting thermo-mechanical fatigue robustness of thick metallized power semiconductor devices under active cycle stress
  • Mechanisms, quantitative assessment and prevention of corrosion and analysis and synthesis of thick soft coatings in semiconductor industry
  • Development of application relevant stress test concepts and systems with flexible real-time automation and data acquisition, supported by numerical electro-thermal and electro-magnetic system analysis
  • Verification methodology and failure rate estimation strategies, functional safety, application demonstrators and novel design solutions for power systems



KAI was founded by Infineon Technologies Austria AG in 2006 as industrial competence center, conducting public-funded research projects together with academic and industrial partners.


We are constantly looking for talented people in the areas of semiconductor technology, component and system reliability.


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