AEC Q100-012
Short Circuit
Test System

In order to investigate the reliability and robustness of smart power switches a short circuit cycle life test was developed at Infineon Technologies Villach in 2004 as a preparation and technical study for later research projects at KAI, where an improved version was redesigned in 2010. This test system is proprietary to Infineon and has the capability to stress automotive smart power switches according to the AEC Q100-012 with up to 50 V and 500 A per channel.

To provide worst-case application con­ditions, the short circuit cycle test system incorporates high current power supplies, fast-acting elec­tronic short circuit switches and confi­gur­able low-ohmic load circuits. The tested devices are continuously moni­tored for failure events by an FPGA-based real-time control system. All data is logged to a redundant data storage system, so valuable statistical data is retained even in case of a power failure.

  • Max. capacity of 256 tested devices per system
  • High current capability – max. 500 A / channel
  • Low test circuit impedance < 25 mOhm / 1 µH
  • Adjustable supply voltage of 0 V to 60 V covers automotive & industrial low voltage applications
  • Ambient temperature from -40 °C to +125 °C
  • Digital pattern control & load current acquisition
  • Immediate shutdown (< 5 µs) of load circuits in case of tested device failure to protect equipment
  • Control & data acquisition interface galvanically isolated from power circuits to minimize crosstalk
  • Short circuit / open load failure diagnosis during test, no readouts required for end-of-life detection
  • Redundant recording of statistical failure raw data