Modeling & Simulation Environment


Modeling & Simulation Environment

Our modeling and simulation environment consists of powerful local simulation workstations and a centralized HPC simulation cluster.

Further, we are connected to the Infineon compute farm with more than 10,000 cores.


High Performance Computing (HPC)

The HPC facility at KAI allows us to solve complex problems using numerical simulation programs. It is well known that the equation solvers consume most of the computer resources, mainly memory and I/O. Therefore, all nodes and storage are connected by the state-of-the-art interconnect to enable rapid read and write processing required for simulation. This makes it possible to solve very large scale models with several millions of degrees of freedom in a reasonable computational time.



HPC Specifications

  • HPE C7000 Blade System
  • 8 compute nodes (2018)
  • InfiniBand interconnect
  • Total of 4096 GB RAM
  • Total of 8 TB local SSD tmp-storage
  • Total of 30 TB networked storage