FastLane – Boosting the European Value Chain for Sustainable Power Electronics – accelerates the introduction of SiC-based power electronics by establishing competitive technology excellence through a pan-European SiC-based power electronics value chain, starting from powder and boule to engineered SiC substrate, enabling and demanding novel smart semiconductor devices, smart power modules and power converters. This flagship of a pan-European SiC-based power electronics value chain will broaden the application domains.


FastLane targets a full, highly competitive, and sustainable European value chain for Silicon Carbide (SiC) based power electronics. The goal is to provide competitive technology excellence from engineered SiC substrates to novel devices, smart power modules, and converters to broadened automotive and industrial applications.


In FastLane, KAI will adapt the LA-ICP-MS and LIBS techniques to the needs of semiconductor device development and manufacturing. The new analytical concepts guarantee quantitative, laterally resolved, fast, and large-scale analysis within SiC devices. Special attention is also paid to efficient data analysis to extract the maximum of relevant information.


KAI will support the consortium’s partners with new innovations in laser-assisted measurement methods to analyze and characterize SiC devices. This will result in new insights into material characteristics, leading to increased performances and functionalities of SiC power devices.