Infineon AI Days 2023

KAI Data Science team presented at Infineon AI Days 2023

This year’s #InfineonAIDays served as a valuable platform that brought together approximately 1000 participants, including members of the AI community, guests, and experts, facilitating an enriching exchange focused on the advancements of AI at Infineon Technologies. The event encouraged the sharing of external insights, exemplary cases, and inspirational discussions centered around sustainable AI and responsible AI usage. There is no doubt that #AI is exerting a significant impact on both business and society, emphasizing the need to leverage its potential while effectively managing associated risks, as emphasized in the opening keynotes delivered by CDTO Constanze Hufenbecher and CIO Harsha Deshmukh.

The event encompassed informative sessions that delved into crucial enablers and methodologies, encompassing topics such as data management, infrastructure, tools, change management, and skills development, among others. Notably, the KAI Data Science team, represented by Olivia Pfeiler, Sara Morgante Piano, Corinna Kofler, Gianluca Guglielmo, Daniel Tosone, and Domenico Pagliaro, actively participated and presented five innovative AI projects, receiving valuable feedback on their work. These sessions provided great insights into the practical aspects of implementing AI solutions.

Heartfelt appreciation was expressed towards the exceptional team responsible for orchestrating the event, which fostered a remarkable team spirit and resulted in a seamless and inspiring networking experience. Anticipation for the next edition of #InfineonAIDays is already growing, reflecting the enthusiasm and eagerness within the community.